Avoiding bad choices

In many interviews you can get up, walk out of a building, and make the game auto save. Then, return to the interview and start it. If you make a few bad choices, return to the system’s home screen or reset the game. You will return to the auto save before the interview.

Booze bottles hint:
Cigarette butts, booze bottles, and such things are a waste of time. Their purpose is to throw you off as you investigate a crime scene.

Chase scenes hint:
-Hold [Camera Focus] while chasing a target on foot or in a car to keep an eye on your target. This makes chase scenes easier.

-When you close in on a suspect on foot, press [Tackle] repeatedly to tackle the suspect.

-During a car chase, pull up alongside a driver to have your partner fire at him. If he shoots a tire, the car will slow down while emitting sparks from one wheel. A faster way to take out a driver, however, is to slam into a rear wheel to spin the car out of control. T-boning a suspect at an intersection is another effective way to take them out.


Red Dead Redemption easter egg:
In the Silk Stock Murder, after investigating the long blood trail leading onto the roof, examine the body and find all the clues. You will return to your car. Instead of leaving, turn around and check out the alley behind you to find a trash can with a cowboy hat in it, which Red Dead Redemption players will recognize as belonging to the legendary John Marston.

Unlockable Outfits:
Unlock the following outfits by performing the corresponding tasks:

Button Man – Complete the Badge Pursuit Challenge. Gives all yours weapons extra ammo.
Chicago Lightning – Sign up for the Rockstar Social Club. Increases your accuracy with shotguns and machine guns.
Golden Boy – Have Cole Phelps get promoted to the Traffic Desk for the LAPD.
Hawkshaw – Reach Rank 18. Allows you to take more damage.
Sunset Strip – Reach Rank 8.
Sword Of Justice – Reach Rank 3.
The Broderick – This was an Amazon pre order bonus. It increases melee damage and resistance to damage.
The Outsider – Reach Rank 13.
The Sharpshooter – This was a pre order bonus with various retailers. Increases your accuracy with pistols and rifles.

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